Split site three is the propagator. The propagator is ventricular by nature in that it incubates its brood within a series of loculi forming an enhanced digestive system, the end product of which is mature ephemeroptera. The loculi are in fact pockets within the skin of the site and in this way, as with the digestive systems of biological creatures, it has no specific interior or exterior separation. Split site three receives input from the portal sites, in the form of information (split site one)and nymphal stock, and ingests this into its interior/exterior to be nurtured and kept safe from predation. Unable to simply expel the objects, they are vomited from the collector into the digestive system of the propagator thereby fulfiling the necessity/desire for the object, the nympal stage ephemeroptera, to be retained within the nurturing chamber and subsequently released unconsumed but altered as a mature sub-imago.